12. децембар 2012.

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Fire Pit!!!:


Cool Fire Pit:  
Built a firewood rack for 1/2 rick w/ Photo - The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS.:
#Pallets: Small Log Storage Rack + kindling - http://dunway.info/pallets/index.html:
 Built-in wood storage near outside fire pit:
How perfect for when we enlarge the upstairs deck someday. Also like the storage for the firewood for the chiminea.:

fire storage:

Build your firewood storage shed to stand the test of time: To do its job well, a firewood storage shed has to not only shelter your stacks of cordwood from the rain and snow — but do so in a way that allows the wood to dry out.:

Firewood Storage: 12 Most Creative Firewood Storage Ideas - ODDEE:


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