6. мај 2015.


Apartment in the neighborhood of Jordaan in Amsterdam. Love the tub in this bathroom. And the shape of the space! sfgirlbybay

I dream of an attic addition to our garage. I'd settle for a skylight in my attic "cloffice".

Beautiful and Clean Attic Apartment in Stockholm

skylight in shower.....don't know if this is possible in our house, but worth a thought.

Inspiring quote - morning bathroom - a flat in an attic by Sabina Królikowska, via Behance

Adventurous Design Quest: Attic apartment in Sweden by Kanozi Arkitekter

Small Space Living: 12 Creative Ways to Use an Attic Space.  We desperately need a second bathroom!

attic renovation bathroom area

Lisbon apartment extended by Camarim Arquitectos to include an attic steam room

Attic Apartment With Generous Skylights And Nice Views

Cute attic apartment, with a barn door for the bathroom...this would work in the cabin. Yay inspiration!

studio damilano atticus 4 Apartment In The Attic by Studio Damilano

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